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Homeowner, condo owners, tenant insurance coverage

Make sure your home and your valued possessions are fully protected. Not sure if they are? Contact Inspire Insurance and we will help you assess the coverage that you need. Not only that, we will suggest endorsements and discounts, and walk you through your entire policy.

Homeowners Insurance

Not only does homeowner insurance protect your building and personal belongings, but it is also essential in case your family members are responsible for accidentally damaging another person’s property.

Tenants Insurance

Renters’ insurance protects what you own and what you might  be responsible for. Many landlords will require renter insurance from the tenant before renting out to them. If your actions cause damage, this will also be covered under tenants’ insurance.

Condo Owners Insurance

Condo insurance protects your belongings as well as any upgrades you make to your unit. If anyone in your condo is held responsible for damaging others’ property, it is covered under condo insurance.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

This provides an additional amount of coverage, up to $5 million, for claims involving your personal liability.

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